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  • Akebonobashi, Shinjuku-ku building sold 04.19.2019

    Shibuya-ku real estate company Bush Clofied acquired Akebonobashi Building, an office property in Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku in March 2019. >>

  • Ginza hotel development site changes hands from Leopalace21 to Daito Trust Construction 04.19.2019

    Daito Trust Construction purchased 810 m2 of land in Ginza, Chuo-ku from two companies. The transactions took place in December 2018. Special purpose company GK Ginza Hatchome Kaihatsu Project 2, in which the investors include apartment developer Leopalace21, sold approximately 80% of the land.>>

  • Vortex acquires building near Suidobashi Station for resale in strata 04.18.2019

    Chiyoda-ku's real estate company Vortex acquired Skyward Building, an office property in Kanda-Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku. The transaction took place in October 2018 and the seller was Toshima-ku real estate company Otowa, which acquired the property in 2014.>>

  • Fuyo General Lease acquires apartment in Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku 04.18.2019

    Fuyo General Lease acquired Live Max Algernon Hamamatsucho, a monthly rental apartment in Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, in December 2018. >>

  • Sumitomo acquires 3,100 m2 of land in Koto-ku 04.18.2019

    Sumitomo Realty & Development obtained 3,097 m2 of land in Minami-Suna, Koto-ku in March 2019. The seller was Shinagawa-ku steel material trading company Topy Enterprises, which is under the umbrella of Topy Industries. >>

  • LaSalle Logiport REIT to reshuffle assets 04.17.2019

    LaSalle Logiport REIT decided on April 15 to reshuffle its portfolio. It will acquire Logiport Sakai Chikko Shinmachi in Nishi-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture by investing 4.16 billion yen [$37 million] while selling Logiport Nagareyama A in Minami, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture for 4.5 billion yen [$40 million]. >>

  • Cosmos Initia acquires Koto-ku office building for resale 04.17.2019

    Condominium developer Cosmos Initia purchased Fujiko Dai-Ni Building in Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku. The transaction took place in February 2019 and the seller was Koto-ku's Suisen.>>

  • Gaw Capital acquires Aoyama Building from GreenOak 04.17.2019

    Gaw Capital Partners, a major real estate fund in Hong Kong, acquired Aoyama Building, which is a large office building directly connected to Aoyama-Itchome subway station, in March 2019. The seller was U.S.-based GreenOak Real Estate. >>

  • Shimizu subsidiary secures 400 m2 site for development in Akasaka 04.17.2019

    Chuo-ku's Shimizu Comprehensive Development, a subsidiary of general constructor Shimizu, acquired Toyu Building and the former site of Toyu Building Bekkan, which is adjacent to Toyu Building, in Akasaka, Minato-ku. >>

  • Mitsubishi now owns entire Shin-Yurakucho Building 04.17.2019

    Mitsubishi Estate acquired the entire tenth floor and part of the 11th floor of Shin-Yurakucho Building. The seller was general incorporated association Denki-Club of Chiyoda-ku, which conducts promotional activities related to the electricity business. With this transaction, Mitsubishi Estate now fully owns Shin-Yurakucho Building. >>


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