The storage capacity of SSDs will become much larger than that of HDDs.

This is a comment made by Nobuo Hayasaka, managing executive officer of Toshiba Corp and senior chief engineer of its Semiconductor & Storage Company, in a speech delivered at "SEMI Members Day Tokyo," which SEMI Japan organized Aug 20, 2015.

Currently, the maximum capacity of an HDD whose disk is 3.5 inches in diameter is 10 Tbytes, but it is expected to increase to 20-40 Tbytes by 2020, Hayasaka said.

On the other hand, the maximum capacity of an SSD whose size is the same as that of a 3.5-inch HDD has already reached 16 Tbytes, which is larger than the maximum capacity of a 3.5-inch HDD. It will increase to 32 Tbytes by 2016, 64 Tbytes in 2017 and 128 Tbytes in 2018, Hayasaka said.

According to slides shown at the event, the capacity of SSDs will increase with an accelerated rate even after 2018.