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Toshiba Corp will release a wearable biological sensor that can be attached to human body in September 2014 in Japan.

The sensor, "Silmee Bar type," will be sold to universities, research institutes and enterprises. It is not a pharmaceutical product, and the company expects that it will be used for verification tests and evaluation. It will be exhibited at International Modern Hospital Show 2014, which will take place from July 16 to 18, 2014, in Tokyo.

Toshiba defines the healthcare business as one of its three major businesses. And it aims to achieve sales of ¥600 billion (approx US$5.9 billion) in fiscal 2015 and ¥720 billion in fiscal 2016 by strengthening the fields of "prevention," "diagnosis/treatment," "prognosis/nursing" and "health promotion." It started the Healthcare Company July 1, 2014, to consolidate and strengthen its healthcare-related businesses.

The new wearable biological sensor can measure an electrocardiogram, pulse waves, body motions and skin temperature at the same time. It is attached to the chest with a gel pad. Based on measured data, heartbeat interval, pulse wave interval, the amount of body motion and posture are calculated. And the results can be displayed on a smartphone or a tablet computer via Bluetooth.

The dimensions of the sensor are approximately 64 x 28 x 9.6mm, and its weight is about 14.6g. It can be continuously used for about 24 hours. It complies with IPX5/IPX7 (waterproof) standards.