The newly-developed 3D motion sensor (left)
The newly-developed 3D motion sensor (left)
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Usuda Research Institute & Systems Corp Ltd developed a 3D motion sensor whose weight is only 2g for wearable devices.

It consists of a "15-axis" sensor and five channels of inputs/outputs. It has 12 axes for location, posture and direction and 3 axes for light, sound and temperature. Its dimensions are 19 x 20 x 3.8mm.

Usuda expects the sensor to be used for establishing a system that improves health by using big data. For example, with the 3D motion sensor used in a wearable device, data on the travel distance, number of steps and posture of a runner can be collected and used for establishing a health promotion system.

Furthermore, Usuda plans to combine the sensor with wireless modules such as Bluetooth and ZigBee modules and transmit collected data to a PC, smartphone or tablet computer and, then, to a cloud server. With a Bluetooth or ZigBee module, it is possible to realize a long-range wireless connection (100m), the company said.

Usuda intends to announce the 3D motion sensor at the 3D Forum, which will take place March 15, 2014, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.