An image of the HEH55 (source: Honda)
An image of the HEH55 (source: Honda)
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Honda Motor Co Ltd developed a normal-speed EV charger in the aim of promoting the installation of infrastructure for charging plug-in hybrid electric and electric vehicles (PHEVs and EVs) and promoting the use of electric-powered vehicles.

The charger, "HEH55," can be installed on a wall, eliminating the need for groundwork and reducing installation time. Also, it can be easily installed in existing parking areas. It supports network-based billing services, smart card authentication, etc and is equipped with locking systems including a "gunlock" function to prevent mischief.

In view of CO2 reduction, the HEH55 can be linked to a solar power generation system, enabling to control charging current in accordance with the amount of power generated and to charge an electric-powered vehicle even during a power failure.

Furthermore, the charger features a function that allows to check charging status with a smartphone, etc in real time by using Wi-Fi technology. It is scheduled to be exhibited at the 6th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo, which will take place in January 2014, and other trade shows along with Honda's "Accord Plug-in Hybrid."