Foreign-affiliated Developer to Build 24MW Solar Power Plant

2013/10/25 17:18
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Gestamp Asetym Solar Japan (Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will build a mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant on a site that used to be a golf course in Daigo-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

Gestamp Asetym Solar Japan is affiliated with the Gestamp group, a major auto parts manufacturer based in Spain. The output power of the plant will be 24MW, which is one of the largest solar power generation capacities in the prefecture.

The company and Daigo-machi concluded an agreement to cooperate in the efforts to continue the mega-solar business and promote the development of the region Oct 17, 2013. It will start the construction of the plant in December 2013, aiming to complete it in July 2015.

The mega-solar plant will be built on a site that was previously "Spa Fukuroda Golf Club" in Uchiohno/Sotoohno, Daigo-machi. The golf course, whose business performance worsened in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake, was purchased by Gestamp Asetym Solar Japan.

The total area of the golf course is about 126ha. And solar panels will be installed on the fairway area, which measures about 41ha. The name of the power plant to be built is "Fukuroda Solar Power Plant." It will be run by GASJA4 (Chuo Ward, Tokyo), a limited liability company of Gestamp Asetym Solar Japan. The project is expected to cost about ¥6 billion (approx US$61.9 million).

Gestamp Asetym Solar Japan is planning to build mega-solar plants whose capacities add up to 300MW by 2015 including the one to be built in Daigo-machi. In Japan, the total capacity will be one of the highest for a foreign-based mega-solar power plant developer.