The "TCM9930MD" (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
The "TCM9930MD" (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
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Toshiba Corp will release a 4.7mm-thick camera module equipped with a 1/3.07-inch 13-Mpixel CMOS image sensor for use in smartphones and tablet computers.

The module, "TCM9930MD," is the slimmest among all camera modules equipped with a 1/3-inch 13-Mpixel CMOS image sensor. Its pixel size is 1.12μm.

To realize the slimness, the TCM9930MD consists of four plastic lenses, and a dedicated signal processing circuit is used for improving lens performance. The circuit compensates for the distortion of the lenses and conducts the restoration of resolution (MTF: modulation transfer function) for the peripheral area of an image.

Also, Toshiba used a flip chip structure in place of a wire bonded structure to further reduce the thickness of the module.

The company will begin to ship samples of the module for a price of ¥7,000 (approx US$74.3) in May 2013 and start volume production at a rate of one million units per month in December 2013.