Teijin Ltd developed printing paper that is made of polyester fiber reclaimed by a recycle technology and can be used for laser printers in collaboration with Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co Ltd.

The printing paper, "Laser Eco Pet," is made of the company's "Eco Pet" polyester fiber, which is made from used plastic bottles. It has a higher water resistance than normal printing papers made by using pulp. And the paper is hardly torn even when it gets wet so that it can be used outside and near water.

It is possible to fold or glue the paper as well as write on the paper with a ballpoint pen or a pencil, which are difficult with existing water-resistant printing papers made of film. Also, because the new paper is a wetlaid nonwoven fabric that is made in the same way as machined Japanese paper, it features flexibility and drape that cannot be realized by film-based printing papers, Teijin said.

Furthermore, the printing paper is as thin as normal printing papers, and it can be stored in a cassette at the time of using a laser printer. Therefore, it is not necessary to supply the paper by hand.

Teijin expects that the paper will be used for (1) disaster supplies such as hazard maps and triage tags, (2) outdoor products such as maps and recording papers, (3) posters used outdoors and (4) price tags and labels for fresh and frozen food.

Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Co Ltd will release the paper March 12, 2013, and it will be sold by trading companies specialized for papers and printer makers. The prices of the A4 and A3 sizes of the paper are ¥70 (approx US$0.73) and 135 per piece (excluding tax).