The car navigation system supporting the "Air Gesture"
The car navigation system supporting the "Air Gesture"
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Pioneer Corp announced a car navigation system that can be controlled by moving a hand to the front of its display, across the display, etc, at CEATEC JAPAN 2012, which runs from Oct 2 to 6, 2012, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Pioneer calls the user interface "Air Gesture." This time, the company announced the latest models of its "Raku Navi" series of car navigation systems whose prices are set for general consumers.

When a hand is moved to the front of the screen, the system shows (1) a window showing the name of the music being played and (2) frequently used commands such as "Set your home as a destination," "Set one of the frequently visited places as a destination" and "Skip the music being played." When the hand moves away from the screen, those commands disappear and a map is displayed on the entire screen.

Also, by moving a hand horizontally, a function that is preset by the user can be used without pressing a button. It is possible to set one of 10 functions including "Switch between navigation and AV functions" and "Skip the music being played/Playing the previous music." For example, when a hand is moved to the left, the AV function is activated, and vice versa.

The sensor part that detects hand motions consists of two infrared-emitting parts and an infrared-receiving part between them. When a hand moves to the front of the sensor part, it is detected by the reflection of infrared light. And a horizontally moving hand is detected by, for example, changing the timings of infrared emissions from the right and left infrared-emitting parts so that it becomes possible to tell if the hand is positioned in the right side or the left side, Pioneer said.

Pioneer will start to release six models equipped with the Air Gesture in mid October 2012. Two of them are embedded types ("AVIC-MRZ009" and "AVIC-MRZ007"), and the other four are portable types ("AVIC-MRP009," "AVIC-MRP008," "AVIC-MRP007" and "AVIC-MRP006").