An LED lantern that can be powered by water and salt
An LED lantern that can be powered by water and salt
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Green House Co Ltd will release an LED lantern that generates electricity with water and salt.

The lantern, "GH-LED10WBW," does not require a dry cell or rechargeable battery and emits light when water and salt are put in the lantern. It can continuously generate electricity for eight hours per charge of water.

To use the LED lantern, 350ml of saline water containing 16g of salt is made by using a dedicated water bag. When the saline water is put in the lantern, it functions as an electrolyte with a magnesium (Mg) rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode) inside the lantern.

The luminous flux of the lantern is 55lm. The Mg rod can be used for up to 120 hours of power generation. The lantern can be reused by replacing the Mg rod, which is separately sold.

The generated electricity can be used not only for lighting the LED but for powering other USB-powered devices by using an accompanying USB cable. There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price. The lantern is scheduled to be released in mid-September 2012.