Sasaki Chemical Co Ltd released a spray-type electromagnetic shielding agent that has an electromagnetic shielding effect of up to 99.68%.

The agent, "S-shield EMI-21," can be used for preventing electromagnetic interferences in medical devices, analytical/measurement devices and mobile phones as well as malfunctions in electronic devices of automobiles, linear motor cars, etc.

The EMI-21 blocks electromagnetic waves by spraying silver (Ag)-coated copper (Cu) powder on an object. Because the Cu powder is evenly coated with Ag, the unevenness of the applied powder is small.

The electromagnetic shielding effect of the agent in a frequency range of 800-1,000MHz is 99.68% when its coating thickness is 25μm and its attenuation is -50dB. It does not contain toluene or xylene, which are organic solvents.