Toshiba President and CEO Norio Sasaki
Toshiba President and CEO Norio Sasaki
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Norio Sasaki, president and CEO of Toshiba Corp, explained about the strategies for the company's semiconductor/storage business at a briefing session May 17, 2012, in Tokyo.

HDD/SSD business

As for its HDD/SSD business, Toshiba aims to achieve sales of ¥850 billion (approx US$10.7 billion) in fiscal 2015. To meet this goal, it will increase the speed of integrating the development unit for NAND flash memories with that for HDDs, etc. The company plans to differentiate its SSDs by using cutting-edge NAND technologies.

Toshiba will launch the "Hybrid HDD," which is equipped with both NAND flash memory and HDD, in September 2012, targeting at Ultrabooks, etc. The Hybrid HDD features slimness, light weight, large capacity and low power consumption, and it can be instantly booted.

Toshiba is the only company that has both NAND flash memories and HDDs in the storage industry. And, with that strength, it aims to become one of the top three companies in the HDD market in terms of market share.

As for HDDs, Toshiba finalized a contract related to 3.5-inch HDDs with Western Digital Corp and acquired equipment and intellectual properties for developing products designed for desktop and consumer computers. As a result, the market coverage of the company increased from 70% to 100% in the HDD market.

NAND flash memory business

As for its NAND flash memory business, Toshiba aims to achieve sales of ¥700 billion in fiscal 2015. Therefore, the company plans to establish a strong revenue base by using product mix and microfabrication.

Toshiba will focus on high-value added products and put emphasis on the following fields. It will put more energy into the "high-growth field," which includes NAND flash memories for tablet computers and smartphones and high-capacity eMMC memories, and the "stable-growth field," which includes industrial SLC (single level cell) memories. Also, it will lay stress on OEM and retail (own brand) products.

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