NEC Corp announced that it has released Media-Serpla, video recognition software that instantly detects a specific video in a large amount of video data, April 10, 2012.

In May 2010, the company announced that the video recognition technology used for the software was employed as part of the MPEG-7 international standard (ISO/IEC 15938-3/Amd.4).

The new software extracts fingerprint information (video signature) from a video, compares it with other videos' signatures and detects the same video with high accuracy and speed. It is possible to correctly find the same video even when it was drastically changed by inserting subtitles, changing resolution or brightness, using a camcorder to reshoot the video, etc, NEC said.

The software enables to automate or increase efficiency of visual checks conducted by contents holders such as broadcast stations, research firms, video-sharing site operators and other organizations that deal with videos, the company said.

For example, at broadcast stations, to know in which TV program a specific video was used in the past, it is necessary to use a database (archive) that stores video. At that time, with the new software, it becomes possible to search for a TV program by using a video as a key, enabling to find out the same video that could not be found in a traditional way. Also, the software enables video-sharing site operators to efficiently find illegally-copied videos among all the uploaded videos.

The price of the software is ¥2.2 million (approx US$27,258, excluding tax) for the version that allows to register 250 hours of video and ¥30 million (excluding tax) for the version that allows to register an unlimited amount of video. It is available in both Japanese and English. NEC aims to sell the software to 100 or more companies in and outside Japan in three years.