A demonstration of the new touch panel
A demonstration of the new touch panel
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Gunze Ltd exhibited a prototype of a touch panel that specifies a person touching it at the 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (nano tech 2012), which took place from Feb 15 to 17, 2012, in Tokyo.

The touch panel was developed for arcade table games. And the prototype was embedded in the top surface of a table game machine. It is a capacitive touch panel using Gunze's transparent conductive printed film.

Different from traditional touch panels, it is not possible to input information on the new panel just by touching it with a finger. Only when the user is touching one of the four electrodes located around the touch panel, that person can input information with the other hand.

Moreover, different functions can be given to different electrodes. In the case of the prototype, the user can input a red or yellow symbol depending on the electrode being touched.

When a closed circuit is formed from the electrode to the touch panel via a human body and from the touch panel to the electrode via the table game machine, it becomes possible to input information by touching the panel. Also, with the prototype, touch operation can be enabled by sitting on a conductive chair instead of touching one of the electrodes.

The new touch panel can be used for game machines that clarify "who bets what," Gunze said. Commenting on commercialization of the panel, the company said, "We are currently cultivating customers, hoping to receive orders through marketing activities."