Samsung's new remote
Samsung's new remote
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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd developed a remote featuring a voice recognition function and a touch pad. It will be offered as an accessory for a smart TV that the company will release in 2012.

With the touch pad and voice recognition function, the number of buttons on the remote can be reduced. It is possible to change the settings of the TV, conduct search on the Internet, etc by using only the touch pad, which is located on the upper part of the remote.

Also, the keys for changing channels and sound volume are located on the sides of the touch pad so that the user can change them without looking at the keys, Samsung said.

The voice recognition function used for the remote is basically the same as the one used for the "ES8000" smart TV, which Samsung exhibited at the 2012 International CES in January. By speaking to the microphone embedded in the remote, it is possible to change channels or sound volume, input characters, etc.

Samsung improved transmission and reception between the remote and the TV by using Bluetooth and infrared communication at the same time. The remote can also be used for controlling a set-top box, Blu-ray Disc player, etc.