It is possible to automatically transmit images from the camera to a personal computer. When the "Save-on-PC" button on the camera is pressed, an application software is automatically launched on a computer and starts to download images stored in the camera. When the data transmission is finished, the camera is automatically turned off. Also, the camera supports DLNA and can display pictures on a TV via wireless LAN.

Cradle with wireless power transmission function

The DSC-TX300V comes with a cradle called "Multi Station," which has a wireless power transmission capability and a data transmission function using TransferJet. For example, after taking pictures outside, the user can charge the battery of the camera just by placing it on the cradle. And if the camera is placed on the cradle with its power on, it is possible to transmit pictures and movies to a personal computer by using TransferJet while charging the battery.

The wireless power transmission technology employed for the DSC-TX300V was developed by Sony and is not compatible with the "Qi" standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is an industry organization for noncontact charging systems.

The camera has a 3.3-inch touch-sensitive OLED display with a pixel count of about 1.229 million. The capacity of its embedded memory is about 105 Mbytes. And it supports Memory Stick Micro and microSD memory card. The dimensions of the camera are 95.5 (W) x 58.3 (H) x 16.0mm (D), and its weight is about 134g including the battery and a memory card.