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Denso Corp will release an automotive seat cushion that circulates air in hot weather and generates heat in cold weather in early January 2012.

The company expects that the cushion, "Cool & Warm Cushion," will enables to spend time with comfort in a hot summer day or a cold winter morning before the air conditioner or heater takes effect. The cushion is suited especially for taxis and other commercial vehicles that are used for long hours because Denso improved the comfort of the cushion. The company aims to sell 5,000 units of the cushion per year.

Many of existing automotive seat cushions have either a ventilation function or a heating function. With such cushions, it is necessary to replace cushions when seasons change. On the other hand, the new cushion can be used throughout the year because it has both of the functions.

In hot weather, a fan located on the bottom of the cushion sucks cold air coming from the air conditioner, and the air is sent to the upper side of the cushion as well as to the waist of the user to lower humidity. In cold weather, a heater located on the surface of the cushion warms the legs, which feel cold more than other body parts.

The cushion is powered via a cigarette socket. Its rated current is 0.8A/0.3A for ventilation and 1.8A for heating. Its operating temperature range is from -10 to 40°C.

The dimensions of the back rest are 310 (W) x 225-295mm (H), and those of the seat are 377 (W) x 405-475mm (D). The depth of the seat can be adjusted by changing the fold.