The "Regza 32BE3"
The "Regza 32BE3"
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Toshiba Corp will release the "Regza 32BE3," a 32V-size (visual size) LCD TV equipped with its "Eco Chip," in mid-December 2011.

The Eco Chip receives/detects signals from the remote after the TV is turned off with the remote. Its consumption current is as low as about 95μA.

The Regza 32BE3 incorporates the Eco Chip and a large-capacity capacitor. The Eco Chip is driven by electricity stored in the capacitor, and AC power is cut by a relay. As a result, the standby power consumption of the TV is equivalent to the power consumption of an unplugged TV.

The Eco Chip has a timer function. The relay and the light-receiving elements that receive signals from the remote are powered by the capacitor. Therefore, it is possible to use the remote to operate the TV and set a timer recording even when the standby power consumption of the TV is "zero."

Moreover, the Regza 32BE3 comes with two power-saving modes, in which the intensity of the backlight is cut by "50%" and "75%," respectively. This function can be activated by pressing the "Power-saving Button" of the remote. It automatically adjusts image quality in accordance with the brightness of the backlight so that it is possible to reproduce beautiful video even with a low brightness, Toshiba said.

Furthermore, it is possible to automatically switch to the standby mode if the TV has not been controlled for about three hours or no signal has been input for about 15 minutes in the external input mode. At this point, if the "Eco Standby Mode" has been chosen, the power consumption of the TV is zero.

The annual power consumption of the new TV is 45kWh partly because of the employment of LED backlight. It is about 27% lower than the power consumption of the "Regza 32A2," which is the predecessor of the 32BE3.