The "Kei" supercomputer
The "Kei" supercomputer
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Fujitsu Ltd and Riken (Japan-based independent administrative institution) announced that the floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) of their "Kei" supercomputer has reached 10.51 peta FLOPS.

The word "Kei" means ten quadrillion in Japanese. So, 10 peta FLOPS is equal to 1 Kei FLOPS.

The latest Kei supercomputer consists of 864 computing racks. At the end of August 2011, Fujitsu and Riken finished the carriage and installation of them. The number of compute nodes (microprocessors) is 88,128. When they announced the FLOPS of 8.162 peta in June 2011, the numbers of the computing racks and compute nodes were 672 and 68,544, respectively.

This time, Fujitsu and Riken improved execution performance from 93 to 93.2%. The execution time of the "Linpack" benchmark program is 29 hours and 28 minutes. And the system was not broken at all by executing the program.

Expected to continue to be ranked No. 1

Fujitsu Ltd and Riken will announce the latest results at SC11, an international conference that will take place from Nov 12 to 18, 2011, in Seattle, the US. At the conference, the latest ranking of supercomputers (TOP500) will also be announced.

It is highly possible that the Kei will continue to be ranked the world's No. 1 supercomputer, following the ranking announced in June 2011. It is not only because the performance of the Kei was improved but also because IBM Corp withdrew from the "Blue Waters" project, which was expected to be a strong rival to the Kei, in August 2011.