LG Display's new LCD panel
LG Display's new LCD panel
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LG Display Co Ltd developed a 55-inch LCD panel that it claims has the world's narrowest bezel.

The company expects that the panel will be used for digital signage realized by using multiple panels.

The width of the upper and left parts of the bezel is 3.4mm, and that of the lower and right parts is 1.9mm. Thus, when multiple units of the panel are arrayed, any gap between panels becomes 5.3mm.

The pixel count and brightness of the panel are 1,920 x 1,080 and 800cd/m2, respectively. It has a function to partially control the light emission of LEDs in accordance with input signals. As a result, it became possible to reduce power consumption by up to 40%, compared with a 55-inch panel that LG Display is currently mass-producing.

LG Display plans to exhibit a 165-inch multi-display consisting of nine (3 x 3) units of the new display at FPD International 2011, which will take place from Oct 26 to 28, 2011, in Yokohama, Japan.