The "Docomo Smartphone Aquos Phone SH-12C" was developed by Sharp.
The "Docomo Smartphone Aquos Phone SH-12C" was developed by Sharp.
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NTT Docomo Inc announced a smartphone that comes with two cameras and can shoot 3D movies May 11, 2011.

The smartphone, "Docomo Smartphone Aquos Phone SH-12C," was developed by Sharp Corp and will be released May 20, 2011, in Japan. Sharp has already exhibited prototypes of smartphones having similar concepts at trade shows in and outside Japan (See related article).

The SH-12C has two 800-Mpixel CMOS cameras on the back of its chassis and can shoot 3D still images and 3D movies with a resolution of 720p (high definition). The predecessors of the SH-12C can take only 3D still images (See related article 2).

The SH-12C is also equipped with a 4.2-inch 3D LCD display that can be viewed with the naked eye and is based on the parallax barrier method. The pixel count of its 2D images is 540 x 960.

The dimensions of the new smartphone are approximately 64 x 127 x 11.9mm, and its weight is about 138g. It is based on Google Inc's Android version 2.3. The SH-12C can be used as a wireless LAN router (tethering function). In addition, it features functions of mobile wallet, 1seg digital TV broadcast and infrared communication for users in Japan.