The 0.28mm-thick glass substrate for touch panels
The 0.28mm-thick glass substrate for touch panels
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Asahi Glass Co Ltd (AGC) developed 0.28mm-thick soda-lime glass that it claims is the world's thinnest glass manufactured for the substrates of touch sensors.

The company will start volume production and sales of the glass in late April 2011, targeting at smartphones and tablet computers.

Currently, smartphones and tablet computers are becoming slimmer and lighter. Therefore, soda-lime glass, which is used as sensor substrates of touch panels, is required to be slimmer and lighter. To meet such demand, AGC developed the 0.28mm-thick soda-lime glass, which is about 15% slimmer than the company's existing product, for touch sensor substrates, planning to mass-produce it by using a float process.

AGC aims at a sales turnover of more than ¥10 billion (approx US$122 million) only with its new glass substrate by 2013 and a sales turnover of more than ¥100 billion with all products using the new glass such as special glasses for displays by 2013. To meet that goal, the company plans to put more energy into providing solutions that combine the new glass substrate with its existing products such as a cover glass, targeting at touch panels, etc (See related article).

AGC will exhibit the new glass for touch sensor substrates at 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition (SID 2011), which will take place from May 15 to 20, 2011, in Los Angeles, the US.