Lighting Fair 2011 is taking place from March 8 to 11, 2011, in Tokyo. Though the main features of the trade show are LED lighting devices, there is an increasing number of companies that exhibit OLED lighting devices.

OLED lighting devices can allegedly realize "surface emission," "transparency," "slim size and light weight" and "flexibility," which cannot be achieved with traditional lighting devices.

The following pictures are OLED lamps showcased at Lighting Fair 2011.

NEC Lighting Ltd's OLED lighting
NEC Lighting exhibited various concept models of interior lamps as well as phosphorescent OLED lighting panels that measure approximately 10 x 10cm and have a luminous efficiency of 60lm/W. It plans to commercialize them in some form within fiscal 2011.
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Odelic Company Ltd's OLED lighting
Odelic's lamp equipped with Lumiotec Inc's OLED panels. With help from Lumiotec, Odelic has been researching on what interior lamps using OLED lighting devices should be like.
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Kaneka Corp's OLED lighting
Kaneka exhibited five colors of OLED lighting panels (warm white, red, orange, blue and green) in addition to a concept model for lighting in a bed room or a bar. The company plans to start selling its OLED lighting devices on orders March 22, 2011, in Japan and in mid-April in Europe (See related article).
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Novaled AG's OLED lighting
It exhibited a concept model of a lighting apparatus.
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Panasonic Corp's OLED lighting
Panasonic plans to commercialize it within fiscal 2011. "We will develop OLED lighting devices by focusing on the fact that they are surface light sources," said Kuniaki Matsukage, managing director of Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd.
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Mitsubishi Electric Osram Ltd's OLED lighting
Mitsubishi Electric Osram also exhibited a flat-surface lamp consisting of LEDs and light guide plates. "First, we will cultivate the market by combining LEDs and light guide plates," the company's staffer said. "Then, we will spread the use of OLED lamps."
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Rohm Co Ltd's OLED lighting
Rohm exhibited various sizes and shapes of OLED lamps as well as flexible OLED lighting devices that can realize "bendable lamps."
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The "OLED Lounge"
In the lounge, prize winning items of the "OLED Lighting Design Competition 2010" were exhibited.
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