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Sharp Corp announced an LED device that has a luminous efficiency of 91lm/W with an input power of about 25W for lighting purposes.

Among LED devices with an input power of about 25W, the efficiency of 91lm/W is the highest in the industry, the company said. The general color rendering index (Ra) of the new LED device is 83. It emits an incandescent color light.

The LED device comes in two models; One has a color temperature of 3,000K, and the other has a color temperature of 2,700K. With an input power of 25.9W, the luminous flux of the former is 2,370lm, and that of the latter is 2,300lm. They are targeted at spot lights for use in shops, etc.

Sharp will also release products that have color temperatures of 3,000K and 2,700K and an input power of about 15W. Their luminous fluxes are 1,400lm and 1,350lm, respectively, with an input power of 14.8W.

The company will start mass-producing the LED device March 4, 2011, with a production rate of 100,000 units per month. The sample prices of the 25W models and 15W models are ¥3,000 (approx US$36) and ¥2,000, respectively.

The mounting area of the LED device is as small as 24 x 20mm, and its thickness is only 1.8mm. The light emitting part has a round shape.

In general, when a large amount of power is input, a luminous efficiency temporarily drops due to the heat generated by LEDs. But, this time, Sharp employed an LED chip and a fluorescent material that have excellent high-temperature properties, it said.

Furthermore, the company took measures to efficiently reflect light from the LED chip inside the package so that the loss caused by extracting the LED chip's light to the outside of the package is reduced.