KDDI Corp and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company announced 10 types of "au" brand mobile phones as models for the summer of 2010.

The handsets announced by KDDI
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All of the 10 types comply with waterproof standards equivalent to the IPX5/IPX7. And they include handsets that feature enhanced camera and 1seg digital TV functions and a handset whose keypad can be switched among three types.

The "Regza Phone T004" (Toshiba)
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"We thoroughly pursued the usability for our customers by reinforcing basic functions," said Kazuhiko Masuda, general manager, Consumer Service & Product Planning Division, Consumer Service & Product Sector, KDDI.

The release of the new handsets will begin in late May 2010.

The "Bravia Phone S004" (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications)
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Among the announced handsets, Toshiba Corp's "Regza Phone T004" and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB's "Bravia Phone S004" support the "KCP3.0," KDDI's new mobile phone platform. The KCP3.0 was developed by combining the "Snapdragon," Qualcomm Inc's chipset, and the KCP+, KDDI's existing platform. The company plans to continually make improvements to the KCP+ as a new platform.

The names of the two mobile phones include the brand names of LCD TVs, and their main features are enhanced video viewing functions.

The "au Wi-Fi WIN card," a microSD card with a wireless LAN function
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Also, with the Regza Phone T004 and the Bravia Phone S004, it is possible to use the "Wi-Fi WIN," KDDI's wireless LAN service, by inserting the "au Wi-Fi WIN card," a newly announced microSD card with a wireless LAN function.

The au Wi-Fi WIN card is manufactured by Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd and compatible with the IEEE802.11b/g standard. It will be released in mid-June 2010 at a price of ¥4,200 (approx US$45). KDDI exhibited a prototype of a microSD card equipped with a wireless LAN function at Wireless Japan 2009, a trade show that took place in July 2009 in Tokyo (See related article).

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