Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd conducted an experiment of using oxygen-rich water to facilitate the growth of plants by using a small home-use air bubble bath appliance.

For example, the company confirmed that twice as many spinach seeds germinate seven days after seeding when the oxygen density is increased by about 2mg/L compared with that of normal water.

Panasonic developed a small home-use air bubble bath appliance integrated with a bathtub in 2003. And, in 2004, it released a device to enhance the insulating and moisturizing effects of water by making micro bubbles containing highly-concentrated oxygen. In the experiment, the company used oxygen-rich water made by this device.

This time, Panasonic confirmed the effects to (1) promote germination, (2) prolong life of cut flowers and (3) prevent foliage plants from withering. As for the first effect, water whose oxygen density is 2mg/L higher than that of normal water doubled the germination rates of spinach and pansy.

In regard to the second effect, Panasonic compared the numbers of days after which the mass of a cut eustoma starts decreasing. The oxygen-rich water could keep the mass of an eustoma for about nine days while normal water could keep it only for five days.

As for the third effect, Panasonic counted the number of Dracaena sanderianas (known as lucky bamboo) that withered after 208 days. With normal water, about 67% of them withered. But, with the oxygen-rich water, only about 24% of them withered.

Because of those effects, the oxygen-rich water is expected to be used for gardening. For example, it can be used as water for flower arrangement and foliage plants as well as for promoting germination. And Panasonic is actually considering such applications.