The Aquos DS6 line TV, which supports Yahoo Japan's video delivery service
The Aquos DS6 line TV, which supports Yahoo Japan's video delivery service
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Yahoo Japan Corp launched the "Douga (video) Channel" video delivery service through its "Yahoo! Japan for Aquos" online service for TVs May 27, 2009.

Centering on the video programs provided on the "Official Channel" of its "Yahoo! Douga," more than 3,000 videos will be available for free. Member registration or any other application is not required.

This service is targeted at Sharp Corp's "Aquos DS6 line" products. They are equipped with the revised version of Sharp's GUI execution environment, "Ex system," for video. Yahoo! Japan for Aquos converts Yahoo! Japan's contents to make them fit a TV's screen size and resolution using its conversion server that incorporates software provided by Sharp. And it renders the contents using the Ex system engine in the TV.

Yahoo Japan will deliver HDTV quality (4Mbps) contents encoded using the H.264 format and SDTV quality (2Mbps) contents to TVs. The company said it persisted in proposing "TV-oriented usability" and "new usage" when developing the service.

The former represents the function that immediately starts playing video when the user accesses the Douga Channel and enables to search for other contents through an easy operation. The latter indicates the fact that the service offers related information, etc just by selecting the part displayed beside the video.

Asked if Yahoo Japan will deliver fee-based video contents and commercials in the future, "We are discussing delivering fee-based video programs but have not determined the details yet. We are not at the point where we can announce a business model as we have only reached the phase where we are striving to increase the number of users. We would like to aim at one million TV sets using the service early on."

Yahoo Japan is currently discussing delivering video programs owned by GyaO, which will be integrated with Yahoo! Douga in September 2009.