The domestic Japanese market for 3D displays
The domestic Japanese market for 3D displays
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Yano Research Institute Ltd announced the results of its survey on the three-dimensional (3D) display market in Japan. It estimated that Japan's domestic market expanded 60.9% year-on-year (YoY) to ¥1.355 billion (approx US$13.7 million) in 2008.

Shipments of new applications such as digital signage devices and 3D broadcast-compatible TVs, which emerged in the 3D display market in 2008, accounted for about 30% of the overall market and helped it expand, according to Yano Research. However, at the moment, it is not the case that large markets exist for applications in certain areas.

Most of the shipments were introduced only for testing in each application area, according to Yano Research. Japanese leading electronics manufacturers are planning to enter the business with 3D home theater products and peripheral devices from now.

According to Yano Research, the 3D display market has failed to establish itself twice thus far. The key factors behind the failures were the lack of content and proposed applications that only 3D displays can offer, as well as higher costs than those of 2D display.

This time, however, "The establishment of the 3D movie market is seen as promising after a number of famous Hollywood movie directors made announcements that they will be making sincere efforts to produce 3D movies," Yano Research said. The 3D display market is expected to grow rapidly with "leading home electronics manufacturers making efforts to enable to view 3D movie contents not only at cinemas but also at homes," according to the company.

Yano Research projected the Japanese 3D display market of ¥22.37 billion for 2014 and ¥432.15 billion (approx US$4.37 billion) for 2019. Compared with 2008, the market is expected to grow by about 16.5 and 318.9 times in 2014 and 2019, respectively.

Also, it predicted that the major applications of 3D displays will be game consoles in arcades and homes, digital photo frames and digital signage devices, etc, as of 2014. However, 3D home theater products and peripheral devices will not constitute a large portion in the domestic market in 2014, as they will be only at the early phase of introduction at that time, according to Yano Research.

In 2019, general home-use TVs will come with 3D viewing capability while BS, CS and CATV stations will start broadcasting 3D programs, the company said. Mobile phones equipped with a 3D display are also likely to increase compared with 2014. 3D game consoles, whose market will be growing as of 2014, will increasingly shift from glasses type to non-glasses type in 2019, according to Yano Research.

The increased adoption of 3D displays that do not require glasses will further increase the adoption of 3D displays, liberating people from the trouble of wearing glasses, the company said.

This survey, which was conducted from January to March 2009, is based on bibliographic research and interviews with manufacturers of both 3D displays that require glasses and those that do not, as well as peripheral device makers.