The exhibited "light emitting poster"
The exhibited "light emitting poster"
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Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd developed a "light emitting poster" by combining an inorganic EL panel that emits high-luminance white light and organic EL panels that scroll-display text information.

The product is exhibited at the exhibition space of Rakuten Eagles (professional baseball team) in Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, from April 7 to 11, 2009.

The inorganic EL panel irradiates a high-luminance light from behind the printed color image and highlights the image so that it looks like an animation. And the organic EL panels display text information.

The poster features "Kleenex Stadium Miyagi," the home stadium of "Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles," the team logo, many balloons and lighting. The logo, balloons and lighting appear and disappear because of the lights randomly emitted from multiple display areas of the inorganic EL panel, making the poster look animated, according to the company.

Two organic EL panels, which are installed at the upper end of the light emitting poster, scroll-display text information including game schedules and notices using monochromatic light. The outer dimensions are 728 (W) x 515mm (L). DNP Tohoku Co Ltd and DNP Media Create Co Ltd, subsidiaries of DNP, exhibited the poster.

The light emitting poster is resistant to vibration and impacts and emits light even when it is bent, making it possible to put it on a curved surface. Its running cost is low because power consumption of the inorganic EL panel is about 60% of that of a fluorescent light, the company said.

In addition, the organic EL panel will reduce the burden of maintenance because its maximum lifetime is as long as 20,000 hours. Also, the poster has additional advantages including a wide viewing angle and light weight. The size and shape can be designed at will.

DNP will verify the poster through this exhibition in the aim of commercializing it. The release is scheduled for April 2010. And the company is planning a system to deliver textual information to the poster via a network and a function to provide voice information.

The light emitting poster will be suggested as sales promotion media to be used in combination with leaflets, point-of-purchase advertising (POP) and digital signage, the company said.