The outline of the new technology
The outline of the new technology
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Toshiba Corp developed a new technology to accurately reproduce sound by using an auxiliary speaker.

The company developed the "accurate sound reproduction technology" in collaboration with Shiro Ise, an associate professor at the Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering, and Actimo Ltd.

The technology uses sound from an auxiliary speaker to eliminate noise (sound other than the original sound) generated from the main speaker. The noise results from insufficient rigidity of a chassis and supporting parts. And the new technology cancels it out with opposite-phase sound waves generated from the auxiliary speaker attached to the main speaker, enabling to exactly reproduce the original sound, according to Toshiba.

In general, about 40% of the sound from a speaker is sound other than the original sound, and the percentage increases in the case of an ABS chassis, a thin chassis that is normally used in small and thin AV equipment, according to the company.

This time, Toshiba confirmed that such non-original sound can be eliminated by more than 90% in an experiment using equipment incorporating this technology. The company plans to conduct research and development for introducing this technology in its products.

Toshiba and its partners will announce this technology at the 2009 Spring Meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan, which takes place from March 17, 2009, in Tokyo.