Q: Hit by the simultaneous economic slowdown all over the world, do you have any restructuring measures for the future?

Ito: I am aware that we are facing a serious time, which is said to come only "once in a hundred years." I hope there will be even a slightest sign of recovery in the market during the second half of next fiscal year, but I am seeing the situation as so serious that our company would turn over if I just depended on that hope.

Accordingly, I'm feeling that I must consider a variety of "actions," including the integration and selection of management resources.

Q: How are you planning to tackle the employment issue from now?

Ito: Employment is a tough issue, but I am aiming at running the company based on my acknowledgement that a company's theoretical duties are to properly pay taxes and to ensure employment.

Q: What will Honda's relationship with motor sports be from now on?

Ito: I think it's very regrettable that our relevant activities are slightly shrinking (as evidenced by the withdrawal from the Formula One). As an entity engaged in mobility, race activities are very challenging and must be fun at the same time. Unfortunately, we are suffering from a slight cold in terms of corporate stamina and I'm hoping that we can vigorously push forward with joy again, fully recovering from that cold as quickly as possible.