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Seiko Epson Corp and Infineon Technologies AG said they have succeeded in developing the next generation of advanced global positioning system (A-GPS) technology. The GPS single-chip design, the XPOSYS, is optimized for mobile devices for the consumer market; especially cellular phones with navigation features.

Manufactured using 65nm process technology, the device is said to provide better performance compared to existing solution on the market. Sensitivity has been increased from -160dBm to -165dBm, allowing for pinpoint positional accuracy even when indoors or in urban canyons.

Power consumption has been reduced by 50% and the footprint has been reduced to fit into a PCB area of only 26mm². This is 25% less than the smallest GPS chip solution available today and provides, together with only nine additional external passive components, design flexibility and substantially lower system cost for device manufacturers.

Samples of the XPOSYS are available, and volume production is expected to start by mid-2009.