Pioneer Corp will end the production of its Laser Disc players. The company released its first Laser Disc player in October 1981 and has since sold 3.6 million units in Japan.

Pioneer shipped 4,000 units in fiscal 2008 and expects to ship 3,000 units in fiscal 2009, after which it will cease the production. Currently, Pioneer is the only company that is producing Laser Disc players, the company said.

"It is a matter of the availability of the components rather than the weak demand," Pioneer said. "We wanted to continue to provide Laser Disc players as long as there was a need and we could procure components."

The company said it had no choice other than to quit the production because it became difficult to procure optical components and motors for its Laser Disc players.

Pioneer will keep the necessary components for eight years after it terminates the production and will continue to offer repair services as long as it has the components in stock.