SanDisk Corp and Sony Corp have announced the joint development of two expanded formats in the Memory Stick series. The Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity (tentative name) expands the Memory Stick PRO format series to achieve a maximum storage capacity of 2TB, while the Memory Stick HG Micro format enables a maximum data-transfer speed of 60MBps, making it one of the fastest-smallest memory card formats to date.

The Extended High Capacity format enables the recording of up to 2TB of data, which is 60 times more storage capacity than the Memory Stick PRO format's 32GB capacity limit.

The Memory Stick HG Micro format, expanded from Memory Stick Micro (M2), adopts an enhanced 8-bit parallel interface and features an increased interface clock frequency of 60MHz, enabling 60MBps (480Mbps in theoretical value) maximum data transfer speed. This is said to be three times faster than the conventional serial 4-bit parallel interface and 40MHz interface clock frequency adopted in the Memory Stick Micro, offering data-transfer speeds of the Memory Stick PRO-HG on a micro-size memory card.

Format licensing corresponding to the Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity and the Memory Stick HG Micro is scheduled to start in 2009.