Toshiba Corp has announced its full-scale entry into the solar photovoltaic systems business. On January 1, Toshiba's Transmission Distribution & Industrial Systems Co established the Photovoltaic Systems Division, a business management and promotion organization that will take the initiative in responding to a surge in demand for solar photovoltaic systems, widely recognized as a key measure against global warming.

Solar photovoltaic systems are moving beyond residential applications to large, megawatt-scale projects for utility and industrial plants. According to Toshiba, it will secure orders for large solar power generation systems by drawing on its competitive advantages. In components, the company's expertise includes high-efficiency power conditioning systems and the SCiB, the super charge ion battery, a breakthrough rechargeable battery claimed to offer excellent safety, long life and rapid charging.

In system integration, the company said it can point to world-class capabilities in system integration, particularly in connecting generation systems to distribution systems; in microgrids that connect and manage dispersed small-scale power generation sources, including renewable energy sources; and in large plant system engineering capabilities.

Toshiba will promote business expansion by utilizing existing global sales channels and expects to achieve an annual business scale of about ¥200 billion (approximately US$2.2 billion) by fiscal year 2015.