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Samsung SDI Co Ltd exhibited a 0.05mm-thick 4-inch OLED panel that was hung in the air and fluttering in the breeze from a fan at FPD International 2008.

Samsung named this display "flapping display."

"It is technically possible to make the panel thinner," a Samsung staffer said. "However, it is difficult to further reduce the thicknesses of the flexible substrates and circuit components around it." That's why the company set the size at 0.05mm.

To achieve this thickness, Samsung etched an OLED panel that uses a normal glass substrate. The drive circuit was formed by low-temperature polysilicon TFTs. Also, low-molecular organic EL materials were employed.

The panel was not sealed by a glass substrate but by membrane sealing technology using a sputtering method. That's why the 0.05mm thickness is almost the thickness of the drive circuit board.

The pixel count of the display is 480 × 272. The contrast ratio is 100,000:1, and the luminance is 200cd/m2. The color reproduction range is 100% of the NTSC standard.

"Flapping display" in video