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Epson Imaging Devices Corp has announced the development of Photo Fine HR transflective amorphous silicon TFT (a-TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD) for use in mobile devices. Photo Fine HR (high reflect) enables both high visibility and low power consumption in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

The transflective LCDs use a transmissive mode with light provided by a backlight in darker environments, while outdoors and in other well-lit locations their reflective mode harnesses the surrounding light, reducing backlight power consumption.

Photo Fine HR combines the high reflection technology that the company has developed over many years with an optical design that achieves dual transmissive-reflective functionality. This has enabled the company to produce displays boasting both a reflection ratio of over 6% and brightness of over 200cd/m,2, according to omni-directional scattered light measurement. The result is seamless visibility unaffected by the surrounding environment.

Samples of the 3-inch L5F30878 and the 3.5-inch L5F30914 are scheduled to ship in late October 2008.