LCD Panels Featuring Privacy Protection
LCD Panels Featuring Privacy Protection
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LG Display Co Ltd has developed a 14.1-inch LCD panel for notebook PCs that ensures privacy for users by allowing them to alter the viewing angle with a single touch.

The panel offers a 175-degree viewing angle that could be adjusted to 60 degrees thanks to Viewing-angle Image Control Display (VIC) technology, preventing people sitting next to the user from seeing information on the screen. The product features greater privacy when using Notebook PCs. Additionally, users no longer have to bother removing the plastic screen when seeing the screen with other people.

According to In-Jae Chung, LG Display's chief technology officer and executive vice president, this notebook PC LCD panel paves the way toward commercialization of notebook PCs that block side viewing without any significant change in screen brightness with the simple touch of a button.

Mass production of the panel began this month.