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Victor Company of Japan will release the industry's first sound-isolating earphone whose driver unit is located in its sound channel (the part that enters an earhole).

The company will release the earphone, "HP-FXC50," in Japan in early August 2008.

The driver unit of the HP-FXC50 is longer and thinner (5.8mm in diameter) than the existing model so that it can be installed in the sound channel. Also, the distance between the driver unit and a drum membrane is shorter, reducing both external sound and sound leakage.

Because the sound channel is longer than that of the existing model, the comfort of the earphone improved, Victor said.

The frequency range of the HP-FXC50 is from 10 to 24000Hz, its response (output sound pressure level) is 103dB/1mW and its maximum permissible input is 150mW. The earphone does not have a suggested retail price, but the price is expected to be about ¥4,000 (≠ US$37.6).