The Yahoo! 1seg Widget display
The Yahoo! 1seg Widget display
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Yahoo Japan Corp released the "Yahoo! 1seg Widget," a service that displays Internet information on TV programs in conjunction with 1seg broadcasts, June 10, 2008. This service targets the action patterns of new users who browse the Internet while watching TV, Yahoo said.

"Recently, many users search for information on TV programs using their PCs while watching TV," Yahoo said. "In addition, keywords concerning the content of TV programs rank high among the most searched word rankings on Yahoo! That's why we thought about developing the widget."

The Yahoo! 1seg Widget operates with compatible 1seg tuners with USB connectivity. When the compatible 1seg tuners receive TV programs, text information attached and sent with the programs is also automatically transmitted to the search API on Yahoo! Japan via the Internet.

Then Yahoo derives proper names of programs, individuals and locations, etc, from the text data using morphologic analysis, one of language analysis measures. The widget acquires Web pages, images, maps and answers on Yahoo! Chiebukuro knowledge search that will be shown when those proper names are searched for.

If users search for the name of a program, for example, Internet search results will be automatically displayed in the widget. And they can easily access the program's official site and other related Web pages in the widget.

In the text attached with programs and displayed in the upper area of the widget, proper names are hyperlinked, and search results will be displayed if those hyperlinks are clicked. If the proper names are those of individuals, the results of image searches will be given priority and displayed in the bottom area of the widget, Yahoo said.

In addition, it is also available to call chat function of "Yahoo! Messenger" from the Yahoo! 1seg Widget. Users can chat and communicate with other users that are watching the same TV program.

I-O Data Device Inc, Buffalo Inc and Pixela Corp sell 1seg tuners for the Yahoo! 1seg Widget. Users, however, must download and install compatible programs from these companies' Websites.

Commenting on this widget-based service, Yahoo said, "We can consider diverse versions including full-seg broadcasts and TV and other device applications." However, "We haven't determined any future plans for the service yet" at the current moment, Yahoo added.