Net Asia Co Ltd has announced results of its survey on the use of portable game consoles. The company conducted the Internet survey in Japan using mobile phones and received responses from 401 mobile phone users ranging from the age of 15 to 29.

Asked what portable game console they currently use the most, most male respondents (42.0%) cited Sony Computer Entertainment Inc's (SCE) "PlayStation Portable (PSP)" (excluding responses of "No specific console"). Second most cited (30.3%) was Nintendo Co Ltd's "Nintendo DS Lite," followed by the same Nintendo's "Nintendo DS" (16.8%).

Meanwhile, results were completely different with female respondents. Most respondents named the Nintendo DS Lite (52.2%) and the Nintendo DS (27.4%). These Nintendo DS-related two models constituted roughly 80% of all responses from female samples. Female respondents who answered the PSP, which was most popular among male respondents, only accounted for less than 10%.

When asked how often they use game consoles, most responses (36.6%) said "less than 1 day a week." Of the respondents who said they use game consoles more than once a week, "almost every day," "2 to 3 days a week," "4 to 5 days a week" and "1 day a week" accounted for 24.6, 15.1, 12.5 and 11.2%, respectively.

As for how long they use the console for videogames per day, most respondents (28.9%) said "1 hour" during weekdays, followed by "less than 15 minutes" (22.4%), "2 hours" (18.1%) and "30 minutes" (16.8%). Respondents who play portable videogames for "3 hours" to "more than 5 hours" per day totaled 13.8%.

When it comes to weekends, they generally play videogames longer than during weekdays, but most respondents (21.6%) still said "1 hour" as in weekdays. Responses of "3 hours," "2 hours" and "more than 5 hours" reached 18.5, 18.1 and 10.3%, respectively.

To a question asking if there is any variation in the frequency and time of playing videogames with portable consoles compared with a year ago, most general responses (33.9%) were "decreased," whereas 22.2% of all respondents said "increased."

Moreover, when the company asked where they use portable game consoles (multiple answers allowed), the majority (81.5%) answered "my room." Limited to males, in particular, the ratio rose to 87.4%. Next most cited was "the living room in my house" (50.4%).

Based on these results, Net Asia analyzed most people use their portable game consoles at home. Other responses included "train" (14.2%), "a fiend's/acquaintance's house" (11.6%), "outside home" (10.3%) and "car" (6.5%).