DisplaySearch of the US has announced results of its survey on TV shipments including LCD, PDP and CRT TVs in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2007.

Global TV shipments increased 5% year-on-year (YoY) and 21% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to 60.8 million units in the 4Q. In 2007 full-year, TV shipments totaled roughly 200 million units. Quarterly sales rose 10% YoY and 26% QoQ to US$32.9 billion. Sales in 2007 full-year surpassed US$100 billion for the first time, DisplaySearch said.

Sony outperforms Samsung in LCD TV segment

Global shipments of LCD TVs in the Q4 soared 56% YoY and 41% QoQ to 28.5 million units. Of overall TV shipments, LCD TVs accounted for 47%, rising above CRT shipments for the first time. Replacement of CRT TVs with LCD TVs is accelerating, according to DisplaySearch.

LCD TV shipments in 2007 full-year hiked 73% YoY to 79.3 million units. LCD TVs rapidly penetrated into developing countries in South America, East Asia, Middle East and Africa in one year in 2007, the company said. Sales rose 34% YoY and 31% QoQ to US$22.8 billion in the Q4 and grew 40% YoY to US$68 billion in full-year 2007.

By manufacturer, Sony Corp, which was ranked second in the Q3, won the largest share on a unit basis in the Q4. Its share expanded 3.6 points QoQ to 19.5%. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Korea took the second position with its share increasing 0.6 points QoQ to 19.3%. Sony outperformed Samsung for the first time since the first quarter of 2007, DisplaySearch said. Sony increased sales in both North and South Americas.

Ranked third was Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, which expanded its share 0.4 points to 10.1%, followed by Sharp Corp, which saw its share shrink 2.4 points to 10.1% and LG Electronics Inc of Korea, which also saw its share drop 0.1 point to 7.7%.

Shipments of 40-inch and larger models increased in Q4, with their share increasing 8 points to 25% on a unit basis and expanding 11 points to 44% on a value basis in overall LCD TVs. Average screen size of LCD TVs shipped in the Q4 was 32-inch, according to DisplaySearch. Shipments of 1080p resolution LCD TVs skyrocketed 71% YoY and 286% QoQ on a unit basis.

Panasonic maintains top position in PDP TV segment

Global shipments of PDP TVs grew 29% YoY and 43% QoQ to 4 million units in the Q4 of 2007. Shipments rose 22% YoY to 11.3 million units in 2007 full-year. Meanwhile, quarterly sales declined 3% YoY but increased 28% QoQ to US$480 million.

By manufacturer, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd won the largest share following the Q3. Its share grew 6.6 points QoQ to 39.6%. Matsushita won the largest share in the Japanese, North American, European and Chinese markets as well.

Samsung Electronics was ranked second with its share decreasing 1.4 points QoQ to 20.3%. LG Electronics took the third position, marking a 1.1-point QoQ share decline to 15.0%, but its share in East Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa grew.

Samsung tops in overall TV segment on both unit and value bases

In the overall TV share rankings, Samsung topped on both unit and value bases, maintaining the position for the eighth consecutive quarter on a value basis. Supplying LCD, PDP and CRT TVs, Samsung achieved its share growth in the TV market in various regions.

LG Electronics was ranked second on a unit basis and third on a value basis. The company took the largest share in the CRT TV segment on both unit and value bases.

Sony was ranked third on a unit basis and second on a value basis. Its competitiveness lies in LCD TVs.

Correction Notice: In the original article, we incorrectly used the company names "Samsung SDI Co Ltd of Korea" and "LG.Philips LCD Co Ltd of Korea" in the places where we should have used "Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Korea" and "Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands," respectively. We apologize for the mistake and regret any misunderstanding it may have caused.