"The problem is power consumption." Katsuji Fujita, president of Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co Ltd, explained the challenges that need to be overcome before the commercialization of OLED panels for TV applications at a Toshiba Corp press get together in Tokyo Dec 12, 2007.

Toshiba had declared that it would release a 30-inch class OLED TV in 2009. However, the company indicated a plan to postpone the schedule. TMD is the company that is developing a panel for this OLED TV.

Explaining why commercialization has been postponed from the initial schedule, TMD's President Fujita commented, "On a 30-inch class basis, an OLED panel's power consumption is two to three times larger than that of an LCD panel under current circumstances. We must lower the power requirement to make it less than an LCD. It will take a little more time."

Fujita further said that, as well as the power reduction, TMD must establish a lower-cost production technology, which is expected to become available for practical application around 2010.