Gartner Inc has announced results of its survey on the global mobile phone market in the third quarter (Q3) of 2007.

Shipments increased 15% year-on-year (YoY) to 288.9349 million units. Despite the relatively small number of new models released onto the market in the Q3, overall shipments outperformed the expectation, said Gartner. Growth in Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa drove the market, according to Gartner.

By manufacturer, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd rose to the second in the shipment rankings, reflecting Motorola Inc's sluggish sales performance.

Samsung Electronics saw shipments grow 37% YoY to 41.776 million units and its share expand by 2.3 points to 14.5%. Inventory management in the marketing channel contributed to the shipment growth, said Gartner. In markets including Europe, sales of the "UltraEdition II" series products remained solid with the company's share in the European markets reaching 21%. To avoid falling into a slump in early 2008, however, Samsung must sufficiently manage its inventory in Q4 of 2007, Gartner said.

Meanwhile, Motorola underwent a slump with shipments dropping 27% YoY to 37.7652 million units and a share shrinking by 7.6 points to 13.1%. Sales to its marketing channel lagged due to excessive inventory, resulting in sluggish sales to end-users as well. Sales of the "Razr2" continued to be favorable with its cumulative shipments reaching 900,000 units, but the company must strengthen its lineup in order to return to its previous share level, according to Gartner's analysis.

The leader Nokia Corp of Finland posted a 25% YoY shipment growth to 110.1778 million units and a 3-point YoY share expansion to 38.1%. Nokia not only achieved a record high YoY share expansion but also improved its operating profitability in the Q3. Although its average selling price was lowered from last year's 90 to 82 euro, Gartner said this resulted partly because of ultra-low cost devices, which expanded in global mobile phone sales..

Shipments and a share of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, which was ranked fourth, were 25.3916 million units and 8.8%, followed by Korean LG Electronics Inc's 20.4991 million units and 7.1%.

Asia-Pacific Shipments Hike 26% YoY

By geographical region, shipments in the Asia-Pacific region grew 26% YoY to 101.8 million units. India marked its fastest growth ever and shipments reached 24.5 million units. Shipments in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa increased 3.5% YoY to 49.6 million units. Japan saw mobile phone shipments rise 21.8% YoY to 13.1 million units.

Shipments in South America increased 8% YoY to 32.2 million units, North America grew 10.3% YoY to 45 million units and Western Europe climbed 14.9% YoY to 47.2 million units.

In the Q4 of 2007, worldwide mobile phone shipments are expected to grow 10 to 15% quarter-on-quarter. Gartner forecast global shipments will total 113.4 million units in 2007 full-year.

Mobile phone shipments and shares by manufacturer
Mobile phone shipments and shares by manufacturer
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