Fujitsu Ltd has announced that it will spin-off its mobile phone manufacturing and service divisions and consolidate the operations in Fujitsu Mobile-phone Products Ltd, a new subsidiary to be established January 2008.

As part of its medium-term strategic plan, Fujitsu is promoting positive structural reforms throughout the company. These reforms aim to promote a management approach that assigns greater responsibility and authority to individual units in order to accelerate decision-making and thereby enable the provision of business solutions that better meet the needs of customers. In conjunction with this approach, Fujitsu has decided to establish a stronger foundation for mobile phone manufacturing and service by spinning these divisions off from the company.

The new company, Fujitsu Mobile-phone Products Ltd, will consolidate the mobile phone manufacturing and service operations in , with the aim of improving product quality and reducing product delivery time. The consolidation is also expected to improve operational efficiency and, in turn, the cost competitiveness of Fujitsu mobile phones. More specifically, unifying manufacturing and service into one company will accelerate manufacturing innovation in both areas of operation, while ensuring that customers enjoy the highest quality products and after-sales service throughout the product lifecycle. With more efficient and nimble operations, the company will strengthen the Fujitsu mobile phone lineup, helping to bring new products to market faster using a customer-centric approach.