Circular LCD panel with an outer diameter of 75mm
Circular LCD panel with an outer diameter of 75mm
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The product has an outer diameter of 75mm and a screen size of 62mm in diameter. It is intended for installation in instrument panels of vehicles.

"The point of the product is that it can be formed into any shape, such as triangle, oval, etc," a spokesperson from the company said.

Based on the low-temperature poly-Si (p-Si) TFT LCD panel technology, the company succeeded in simultaneously forming the display block and the peripheral drive circuit and thereby enabled the product to have an arbitrary shape. Although the balance of load on respective driver circuits must be adjusted finely, there are no particular problems in the production process compared with the production of ordinary rectangular LCD panels, according to the company.

The latest panel features an RGB horizontal stripe array with 240 (H) x 240 (V) pixels (along the longest lines), a pixel pitch of 0.258mm (W) x 0.258mm (H), a luminance of 500cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 600:1. It is equipped with a side-light type backlight composed of a light guide panel combined with an LED that is mounted on the back side of the extraction electrode block located at the lower portion of the display module. The maximum module width is 11mm including the backlight.

"In addition to the automotive application, the product can be used for portable devices and mobile phones that are round in shape," the spokesperson said.

The panel is manufactured by forming the pattern on the glass substrate on the regular low-temperature p-Si TFT LCD production line. The glass substrate is cut into a circular shape at the final step of the production. The use efficiency of the glass substrate lowers, but "the cutting process is unexpectedly easy," the spokesperson said.

The product will be exhibited at FPD International 2007, from Oct 24 at Pacifico Yokohama.