NEC Corp prototyped its Wideband Wearable Antenna using a conductive cloth. The antenna can be attached to various kinds of material, including clothing. It can be folded up and easily carried around so that it serves as an auxiliary antenna in places where signal strength is weak.

The existing antennas cannot operate effectively when they are used in the vicinity of a human body due to the degradation of impedance characteristics. The latest antenna, however, is designed to prevent the degradation of impedance characteristics in free space even when it is used in the vicinity of a human body, such as in a case where it is attached to the clothes, the company said.

Although conductive cloths are generally non-weldable, the latest prototype has a structure in which a coaxial cable for power supply is welded to a compact flexible board. As a result, the antenna can be supplied with power by the capacitive coupling of the board, the company said.

NEC will conduct a field test to receive digital terrestrial broadcasting in the 470-770MHz band by using the latest antenna. The company plans to continue development so that the antenna can be used for future communication schemes such as WiMAX, after evaluating its potential.