The Asianux consortium, where Miracle Linux Corp of Japan, Red Flag Software Co Ltd of China and Haansoft Inc of South Korea are jointly developing Linux products, announced Oct. 15, 2007 that it will start shipping its "Asianux Mobile Midinux Edition" mobile Linux product in January 2008. Expected applications are mobile devices with Internet access capability.

Based on the "Midinux 1.0" mobile Linux product that Red Flag announced in June 2007, the new product has been optimized for mobile devices featuring x86 architecture microprocessors. Miracle Linux and Haansoft will market this product in Japan and South Korea, respectively.

Asianux consortium locates its research and development center in Beijing and support centers in Seoul and Tokyo. The consortium is said to be planning to construct an office in Taipei as well. Such bases will provide supports for the Asianux Mobile Midinux Edition.