KT's Mobile Internet Business Group General Manager Omote
KT's Mobile Internet Business Group General Manager Omote
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KT Corp. of South Korea attended ACCA Wireless Co. Ltd.'s press conference, in which ACCA Wireless announced partner companies for its mobile WiMAX business, as one of the partners Oct. 11, 2007 (See related article).

KT disclosed the number of subscriptions to its "KT WiBro" Korean version mobile WiMAX service and some other factors at the press conference. KT started KT WiBro service at the end of June 2006. The service is different from the WiMAX service planned for Japan in terms of frequency bands, channel bandwidths, encoding rates, etc.

The number of WiBro subscribers totals 70,000 people at present, according to KT. The service area is, however, primarily limited to Seoul. In response to some who are saying that WiBro subscription growth is slow, Hiroaki Omote, executive director and general manager of the Mobile Internet Business Group at KT, said, "Our WiBro service is still in its infancy, since the service only became available across Seoul in April 2007 and the number of compatible terminals is still limited."

"As the service area is extended to every Korean metropolitan area in 2008, subscriptions are certain to increase accordingly," he added.