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Sharp Corp. exhibited a 12.1-inch LCD panel whose thinnest part is as thin as 2.88 mm. The thickness of the company's previous 12.1-inch LCD panel is about 10 mm, approximately three times thicker than the panel exhibited this time.

Sony Corp. announced an 11-inch organic EL TV whose thinnest part is 3 mm Oct. 1, 2007.

"It is not a conscious effort," a person related to Sharp smiled.

However, it apparently is a conscious effort to develop an LCD panel thinner than Sony's organic EL TV. When Sharp announced a prototype of 2-cm thick LCD TV in August 2007, it proclaimed, "what replaces LCD is LCD," and the company showed the statement also is true for small- and middle-sized products.

The performance indices of the prototype's display are better than former small- and middle-sized LCD panels. Its contrast ratio is 2000:1, response time is 8 ms and color reappearance range is 80% compared with the specification of the NTSC. The number of pixels is 1280 × 800. An LED is used as a backlight.

Sharp said that, to thin LCD panels, it used the same method as used for the 0.89-mm thick 2.2-inch LCD panel announced in October 2006. Glass is shaved in the post-process, but no more detail was revealed.

The commercial production date has not been decided yet, the company said. The LCD panels are for industrial uses and small TVs.